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LOVE (in loss)

I believe every pregnancy ends in birth, regardless of method, outcome, or gestation time. If you receive devastating news regarding your pregnancy after you have requested I be your doula, I would be honored to continue walking with you to meet your baby. My fee will be waived and I will offer support for birth with any outcome, in any trimester.  If you do feel that you would like to contribute monetarily, I do have a fund set up that can receive contributions so I can continue offering this free service possible for future families in need. “Lead with Love,” is self-explanatory, I want love to be the root of all my actions.This is the same regardless of circumstances, but in the event of loss  or difficult events, LOVE has a special meaning to me in regards to being  your doula. In the event of unforeseen or even expected tragedy, I intend to: 

Learn all about your circumstance and baby

Offer Options in how to proceed with birth

Validate the emotions you are feeling

Embrace you and your journey as you walk forward. 


This is my hope and goal: that every family welcoming a new baby, whether totally joyful or fearful or anxious or complicated or grief-filled, can feel supported and peace-filled about the day they meet their baby. I would love to be a part of that. I am trained by both StillBirthDay and Sufficient Grace Ministries as a birth and bereavement doula for birth in any trimester, with any outcome.


I acknowledge that the founders of both of these organizations come from an American Evangelical Christian background, and the training I received was heavily influenced by that. I do realize and affirm that not all of the families I will serve identify with this type of spiritual background; I will follow the families’ lead in regards to what spiritual or religious rituals or words to be used (or avoided) during the time of service.