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Accompanying You On Your Journey TO MEET YOUR BABY

I believe that every pregnancy ends in a birth, and that every birthing person deserves support during that monumental time. I am honored to be offering that support in both Birth and Bereavement. I chose my doula business name from the core values of what I intend to do at every birth I attend. I will:


Listen (to your desires, fears, needs, etc in regards to your birth)

Educate/Empower you to make your own best choices

Advocate for you when it’s hard to do yourself

Doula (from the Greek word Doulos, which is a person who serves. Literally whatever you need me to do to support you and serve you in your birth).


...With Love. I would be honored to serve all kinds of families, regardless of race, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, or family structure. My job as your doula would be to: Listen to your wishes and dreams for your baby’s arrival, Empower you and equip you to be successful, Advocate for you to medical staff/family/etc and support you (Physically, Emotionally, etc) as you labor, and Validate your emotions and experiences along the way. This is what “Doula” means to me. 

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